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Forever has a nice "ring" to it

Ritz Carlton | Bacara | Santa Barbara | Proposal

Doesn't this setting just beg for a proposal?

Epic views, fresh ocean breeze, champagne chillin' on ice and a picnic for two...

I mean, who could say anything but YES to this???

I watched them walk down the path toward the beach. This was not exactly in the play book, but what the heck, I'm game. So I grabbed my camera off of the tripod and took off down the hill after them.

I did hold up a little bit of beachgoer foot traffic, but no one minded. They finally stopped walking.

As I hid in the brush, I knew it was time...

Back at the picnic site, it was time to pop the champagne!

and celebrate

and watch the sun set on the best day,

with your best friend, now fiancé,

because forever has a nice "ring" to it.

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