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Beach Proposal at high tide

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Malibu, California.

It was a Thursday morning and the 'fiancé-to-be' wanted a low-key proposal set up to throw her off before heading to a resort destination for their anniversary. A morning walk along the beach was just the thing.

We had to move quickly as the sand was disappearing before our eyes! The predetermined spot was not going to work. High tide was coming in further than anticipated and we had 30 minutes til go time!

My sweet assistant (more on that later) quickly scouted and found a small cove a ways up the beach. I had wanted to do more set dressing but with a change of location, this was all we could manage for the landing spot for the big moment.

It did turn out pretty cute though.

The trouble was, there was no where to hide! Luckily we were able to persuade the nearby homeowner to let us use their balcony.


And well, she said YES!!!


This calls for a little celebration.



Oh, and I had my daughter as my assistant. She had the day off and I persuaded her to give me a hand. The girls had been friends since middle school. I was sworn to secrecy so didn't tell her who we were photographing until we got there. Such a fun surprise.

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