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Asher's bar mitzvah

As a sentimental person, I love a boy in a suit. Their bar mitzvah is often the first time they get to wear one. Just one more spoke in the wheel of this incredible milestone. But there are suits and then there was Asher's suit...

He was looking pretty sharp with his fresh cut and tux.

The whole family got in on it

It's kinda easy to see where he gets it... thanks mom and dad


A custom Ferrari themed talit for this fashion forward kid


The only thing left to do..... celebrate in a race car inspired event space.

Making an entrance... (some dreams do come true)

Asher gives the thumbs up that it's time

And a nod to their Brazilian heritage // Samba dancers!

Pretty sure this is one evening Asher and his friends and family won't soon forget.

Mazel tov!!

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