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A Picture Perfect day

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Capturing beautiful moments at intimate gatherings is high on my list of things I love. Right up there with that first cup of morning coffee, avocado toast and snuggles from my cat Milo. And while large scale events are hopefully just around the corner, for now I'm happy that I get to share these images from Jayden's micro-mitzvah.

The day before was cold and it rained. Not just a little. ALL DAY!!

But not this day! The sun was out and the birds were chirping. It was one of those perfect California days. The setting had a beautiful valley view and I really loved the large Queen palm in the distance. Quintessential California vibes.

Caught snapping a selfie at the custom photo wall. A great feature at any event.

Love that she made her own yad, or torah pointer, at school.

Kleenex right next to the hand sani and masks. Totally necessary in order to get through dad's speech to his daughter.

And as the sun went down and the service concluded, the Havdalah candles were lit.

An evening to remember for a very special bat mitzvah.

It really was a magical night.

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